Data Group Joint Stock Company (Data Group) is an enterprise operating in the field of construction and installation of industrial, civil, electromechanical works and investment in real estate.

Our company has experienced and reputable management board with domestic and foreign construction investors for more than 20 years. We have assembled a team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers, experienced in management, disciplined, professional, and always seeking and learning scientific advances. study construction engineering.

Data Group Joint Stock Company has built a reasonable process from technical research, application of technology & construction methods, understanding of construction materials to supply of materials, management of workers, management quality management. Since then, we always ensure the works are of high quality & suitable for the price, comply with the schedule, provide a thoughtful warranty for the works, protect the safety of the workers and carry out environmental protection.

In addition, we have equipped many diversified and professional machinery and equipment for construction work; constantly invest in modern facilities and equipment to meet the requirements of quality, construction progress and absolute safety.

With  more than 20 years of industry experience, we have achieved solid achievements.. However, scientific and technical advances are always ahead, so we always strive to learn and improve to always ensure the set guidelines: